Abrasion Resistance

Taber, Sutherland and Gardner - TAPPI T-476

Ash - TAPPI T-413
Basis Weight - TAPPI T-410
Blocking Testing
Bulk or Density - TAPPI T-411
Book Bulking - TAPPI T-500
Burst - TAPPI T-403
Caliper - TAPPI T-411
Coefficient of Friction - TAPPI T-549
Dirt Count - TAPPI T-537
Folding Endurance

M.I.T. - TAPPI T-511 and Schopper - TAPPI T-423

Moisture - TAPPI T-412

Gurley - TAPPI T-460 and Sheffield - TAPPI T-547


Handleometer - TAPPI T-498


Taber - TAPPI T-489 and Gurley - TAPPI T-543


Elmendorf - TAPPI T-414, Finch - TAPPI T-470 and Graves - ASTM D-1003

Tensile and Elongation

Pendulum, TAPPI T-404, CRE TAPPI T-494, Zero Span - TAPPI T-481, Z Directional - TAPPI T-541 and Graves - ASTM D-1003


Cobb - TAPPI T-441and Hercules - TAPPI T-530

Water Drop Absorption - TAPPI T-432
Water Vapor Transmission Rate - TAPPI T-448 and TAPPI T-464


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