Founded in 1952, Chicago Paper Testing Laboratory offers a fully equipped and staffed independent laboratory engaged in chemical analysis, consultation, development, functional evaluation, research and testing of all phases of paper and paper related products in the consumer and end use packaging.

   Chicago Paper Testing Laboratory is unusually well equipped for conducting tests and analyses for paper and paper products. It routinely conducts most TAPPI tests on paper and paper products including Neenah Expansimeter, G.E. Brightness and Color and The American Library Association Universal Book Tests for evaluating the durability of bound books.

   A number of comprehensive research projects have been carried out in the laboratory, including a doctoral thesis on the treatment and permanency of paper. Our clients are nationwide and international and include paper mills, food packagers, national food chains, folding box manufacturers, drug companies, label manufacturers and major publishers and binderies.

   Chicago Paper Testing Laboratory and its personnel maintain memberships in the American Council of Independent Laboratories (ACIL), TAPPI, ASTM, TAGA and ACS.


Michael F. Beecher

Conway C. Burton, Jr.

Vice President

Cari Burton Beecher


CPTL is a female
owned corporation.

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